Welcome!  The journey starts here!  My promise is that you will receive the most effective one on one personal training to get you the best results as quickly and safely as possible from a top nationally certified personal trainer, fitness specialist and wellness coach. 
I am fully committed to your success and my promise to you is simple.   Stop the excuses; get the results.  I guarantee it!

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"My success is measured not by how many clients I have, but about successful clients losing weight and keeping it off.  Clients feeling better about themselves and taking full advantage of their new lives."
--Gary Benkendorf, CI - CPT
Cooper Institute Ambassador

                                                             GARY A. BENKENDORF - Owner
                                                                                     NCCA Nationally Accredited
                                                             Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer 
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National Certification #CPTE100315-119987
Inspire, Motivate & Empower
CPR and AED Certified - March 2018
              Infant, Child, Adult
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"Getting the most out of life through a better functioning body"
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      -Healthy Behavior Change
      -Endurance Training
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      -Balance Integration
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